The Omniboots

September 29, 2015 by Alex van Chestein

Hey, hi!

I’m Alex, the game designer on Chariot. Today, I want to talk about the Omni Boots, one of the new gadgets in the Royal Gadget Pack DLC.





For all players that made it to level 3-1, one area in particular offers a daunting challenge: an ascending platform section with ice and Flippers (you know, those looters that disconnect you from your rope and send you flying into the air?). The Omni Boots were created to give players a helping hand there, and then... we sort of went a little wild.










The Omni Boots allow you to walk on pretty much anything as if it were solid ground, with the added bonus of extra stability. Ice, lava, quicksand – they all react like regular old rock. In addition, Flippers have no power over you while the boots are active, which makes that spot in 3-1 a breeze. The flip side to all this is that the boots slow you down a bit, though that can be upgraded later.










Again, this was an idea that made it through the DLC brainstorm pretty much unscathed. Originally, the boots just let the user walk on ice, which was simple enough – but there are levels without ice, which would make the gadget useless. Adding lava and quicksand to the mix meant that nearly any level would have an opportunity for the Omni Boots; additionally, the level 3 version gives a slight speed boost, which can make it a nice combo item with the Sprint. Out of all the new gadgets, the Omni Boots are perhaps the most geared towards new players, but they’re just so much fun to use in dangerous levels that I hope everyone will give them a shot and appreciate the freedom they bring.










Though we’re still not sure what the telescope attachment is for... Thanks for reading, and see you next time!