The DLC is now available on Xbox One

September 22, 2015 by Frima Studio

Hello everyone!

In honor of Chariot's first anniversary, we're launching it's very first DLC, The Royal Gadget Pack on Xbox One.

The Royal Gadget Pack stars the Shopkeeper, now a playable character. The DLC introduces awesome new technology delivered straight from the royal engineers' workshop in the form of five new gadgets. Walk on ice, light up the darkness, swim in lava, freeze the world, teleport the Chariot through time and space, and much more! Also included are new achievements and blueprints hidden throughout existing levels.

The Royal Gadget Pack - DLC Features:
· New playable character: the Shopkeeper
· 5 new gadgets (all unlocked at level 1, with 2 upgrade blueprints per gadget hidden in existing levels)

❖ Shield Bubble - Protects you from everything - including looters! Hold jump to bounce.
❖ Omni Boots - Allows you to walk normally on any surface - ice, quicksand, even lava!
❖ Stasis Field - Freezes EVERYTHING in place (except people).
❖ Warp Beacon - Use to set beacon; use again to warp the Chariot (and any riders).
❖ Royal Arms - Gives each character their own special attack.

· 10 new achievements both fun and challenging!

We're working on the PC and PS4 versions of the DLC as well, stay tuned for more information.

Have an amazing day!